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Aladdin - A whole new world (Norwegian)

The Norwegian version of "A whole new world"nnSong: En helt ny jordnVocals: Trond Teigen & Jannike KrusenAlbum/Movie: AladdinnYear: 1992nnNo copyright infringement intended.nThe copyright belongs to Disney.nnED:nThe word "jord" means "earth" in Norwegian,nhowever, "I didn't think that the sentence "a whole new earth"nwould fit, that's why I used the word "world" instead.nI also noticed that I had accidentaly written "will" instead of "want to",nso I erased the old video and made a new one.nnAlso, I'm not a Norwegian speaker, so if you find any errors in the translation,nplease inform me and I'll correct them.nnnOne error I found already is that I translated the word "jo" as "already".nReason why that is, is because I unconsciously translated it as a Finnish word.nYou see, the word "jo" exist (as far as I know) in the three languages Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.nnIn Finnish, it means "already".nIn Swedish, it means "yes".nIn Norwegian, it can in some cases mean "yes", although it may also be a word that strengthens the meaning of a sentence without having a meaning in itself, or so to speak.nnpowered by

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