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Four Hours in Amsterdam

Find interpreters in Amsterdam: A Week in Norway. Bergen Author: Anatoly Zolotkov, Equipment used: Canon 5D MkII with Flycam HD 3000 camera stabilizer, Canon EF 16-35mm and Zenitar-M2.8/16 Fisheye lenses, Panasonic HC-X920. Background Music Credits: Gotta Find Out by Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library) Download In Albany New York by The 126ers from YouTube Audio Library Download: And Awaken - Stings by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Keywords: Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Panoramaterras rooftop area, Airplanes, Terminal, Runways, layover in Amsterdam, modern budget designer hotel CitizenM, Room lights, TV, window blinds, air conditioning are all operated from an iPad, Two glass cylinders contain the shower and the toilet, shower glass is transparent, toilet glass is semi-transparent, Amsterdam Centraal Station, Canal boat tour, Amstel River, Stopera, Dutch National Opera and Ballet, Aemstelredamme, 60 miles or 100 kilometers of canals, expensive pile foundations, river cruise ships Symphonie and Mona Lisa, Damrak Avenue, Dam Square, Royal Palace, National Monument, Oudezijds Voorburgwal canal, De Wallen, Red Light District, Grimburgwal, Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal, photographing is prohibited, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands.

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