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This video gives answer to the frequently asked interview question "What salary are you looking for?". Any prospective job seeker can get an idea about how to answer this interview question by listening to this video. This is probably the perfect way to answer and handle this question in a job interview. nnWhat do they want to hear?nnYou must have a pretty good idea of what your particular market will bear. If you don't know the high and low ends in your area (city and state) and industry, do some research. Make sure you know whether these figures represent just dollars or a compensation "package" that may include insurance, retirement programs, and other value-added benefits. nnIf you're a woman, make sure you know what men are making doing the same job. You're bound to find a discrepancy. But you should request and expect to earn an equivalent salary, regardless of what women predecessors may have earned. nnEven if you've been out of a job for months, this is not the time or place to let your desperation show, so avoid gushing, n"Gee, this job sounds so gosh-darned wonderful I can't believe you're going to pay me anything! Just give me an office and a phone and I'll work for the sheer fun of it!" nnI'm Worth it! nnHave confidence in your own worth. By this time, you've worked hard to sell the interviewer on your value as a future employee. Just remind him of what he's already decided. nnHarry is a friend of mine who is not only eminently qualified, but also a heck of a good interview, and he knows it. nSo, when a recruiter called Harry with a job lead that sounded perfect for him—but paid less than he was making—Harry told her: "I want that job. Send me on the interview. After they've met me, they'll be willing to pay me what I want." nnIt sounds cocky, but Harry knew what he was doing. During the interview process, he studiously avoided the subject of salary. When the interviewer finally asked, "What would it take to get you over here?" Harry showed his cards. nn"I understand the job has a top salary of $40,000," he said. When the interviewer affirmed that, he went on: "Well, I would need more than that. I came here because the job sounded terrific. In fact, the job description Gretchen gave me, and which you've just elaborated on, has my name written all over it." nnTo make a long story short, Harry got the salary he wanted because he had already sold himself. If he had asked for the same money earlier in the interview, he probably would have been out of the running. nnWhat if your initial offer is not accepted? Then it's time to negotiate.nnSubscribe to our Channel atnhttp://www.youtube.com/theinterviewskillsnnFollow us on our Official Facebook Fanpage atnhttp://www.facebook.com/theinterviewskillsnnLink to this videonhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ8ZQPANqPo

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