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A Love Letter To Action Sports Photography

We love action sports photography, and this is our tribute to the photographers who travel the planet in their unrelenting pursuit of the perfect shot. Join the Cooperative of Photography: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Many thanks to Red Bull Illume – the world's premier action sports and adventure photography contest. You can submit your images to the contest NOW: Photographer credits in order of appearance: Desre Tate, Jody MacDonald, Ray Demski, Stuart Gibson, Sterling Lorence, Scott Serfas, Lucas Gilman, Dimitrios Kontizas, Samo Vidic, Christoph Laue, Jimmy Chin, Lorenz Holder, Chris Burkard, Alex Buisse, Krystle Wright, Juan Cruz Rabaglia, George Karbus, David Lehl, Zak Noyle, Jeroen Nieuwhuis, Florian Breitenberger, Morgan Maassen, Rutger Pauw, Fred Mortagne, Blotto Gray, Ryan Taylor (All images are courtesy of Red Bull Illume) Credits: Director: Matthew Rycroft Editing: Andrea Schernthaner Voiceover: Josh Sampiero

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