A Long Way Down (2014) - Official Trailer

Martin Sharp is contemplating suicide on New Year's Eve on the roof of the Toppers Building, high above London's streets. He is interrupted by a woman, Maureen, who has the same fate in mind. She shyly offers to wait her turn, until two other strangers, a young woman named Jess and a pizza deliverer called J.J., also turn up.nnMartin is recognized by the others, having been a popular television personality before going to prison for a relationship with a girl who turned out to be 15. After talking things over, the four strangers form a pact, vowing to wait at least until Valentine's Day before taking their lives.nnMaureen has a disabled son she adores, but little life beyond that herself. Jess is the daughter of a politician and their relationship is strained. J.J. is an American who once played in a band, but while his three new acquaintances are suicidally depressed, he is terminally ill with cancer.nnTo profit from misfortune, Martin hatches a scheme that makes them the talk of London, claiming their mass suicide was interrupted by a vision. They end up on his old TV chat show, where Martin's former co-host Penny makes her guests feel humiliated and even more depressed.nnThe four go off to a vacation resort to get away from London's attention. They enjoy each other's company, at least until a confession by one of them and the intervention of a woman named Kathy drives them apart. On Valentine's Day, all four end up back in London on the very same rooftop.

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