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Erin (Drew Barrymore) is a 31-year-old woman who is having trouble pacing her life. She is still in grad school and she recently got a job as a summer intern at a newspaper in New York. While out with a friend at a bar, she meets Garrett (Justin Long), who interrupts her game of Centipede. The two then drink together and end up at his place, where they smoke from a bong and have sex while Garrett's roommate Dan (Charlie Day) "DJs their hook up". The next morning, Erin is anxious to leave but Garrett asks her to have breakfast with him and she agrees. She then tells him that she is only in New York for six weeks and is not looking for a relationship. He agrees to keep things casual.nnErin and Garrett start having a fling, but they soon develop feelings for each other, and Erin tries to convince her boss to find her a permanent position. Before the end of her internship, she writes a well-received article, and her boss asks her to contact him in January regarding possible job openings. Meanwhile Garrett, who works at a record label, is given an assignment to manage a band he does not like, and is starting to dislike his job.nnThey both continue with their fling, but when the six weeks are up they find it difficult to let go. After Garrett drives Erin to the airport they say goodbye, but just as Erin is about to leave Garrett runs after her and tells her that he is crazy about her and wants to have a long-distance relationship with her. She agrees.nnOver the next couple of months Erin and Garrett spend all their free time texting and calling one another trying to work out times when one of them can fly in. Garrett surprises Erin by showing up on Thanksgiving and they have a very emotional reunion. When they go to Erin's sister Corrine's house (where Erin is currently staying), they start to have passionate sex on the dining table while, unbeknownst to them, Erin's brother-in-law, Phil, is having dinner. Corrine eventually walks in and there is an awkward moment. The next day, Erin and Garrett are out to see The Boxer Rebellion, and they agree that the band is good. Garrett gets jealous when he sees that Erin is friends with Damon, a handsome bartender who works with her. Garrett eventually has to leave and goes back to New York.nnIn January, Erin calls her summer internship boss and asks him about the possibility of a job. Her boss tells her they are not hiring—that in fact they have just laid off 100 employees. Not finding comfort in a phone conversation with Garrett, she goes and gets drunk with Damon and almost kisses him, but ends up going home. Later, her professor mentions that he recommended her for a position at The San Francisco Chronicle and she goes for an interview. Meanwhile, Garrett tries to have phone sex with Erin, but it does not go well.nnA month later as Erin is packing to go to New York she gets a call from the Chronicle letting her know that she is hired. She goes to New York and tells Garrett, and the two have a fight. The next day they make up and he asks her to make the decision whether or not to accept the job. A week later he calls her and tells her he wants her to move to New York so that they can live together and start fresh. She agrees and he goes to San Francisco to sort things out. However, after a conversation with Corrine, Garrett realizes that he cannot be the reason that Erin turns down the job and the two part ways after an emotional conversation and a long hug in the airport.nnSix months later Erin is doing well with her career, having written her first front page story, and Garrett has not been with any woman since Erin. He quits his job and starts managing The Boxer Rebellion, the first band he and Erin saw together. He sends Erin tickets to their show and she goes, not knowing that he is the manager. She runs into him there and he tells her he has moved to Los Angeles. Since that is only a few hours away from San Francisco, they have another chance at a relationship. Late that night they go back to Corrine's house, and interrupt Corrine and Phil dry humping on the dining-room table (like Garrett and Erin earlier in the film). The film ends with Erin's niece, Maya, descending from upstairs during the awkward moment, and they all scream "Maya! Statue!" (a running joke where Corrine always yells "Maya! Statue!" at her daughter to quiet her and make her stop moving around).

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