The art of movie making - PROJECT V - NEW 2017 Project V is a new and visionary attraction for Europa-Park. The attraction will be located in the Germany section of the park. The name Project V is a “codename”. The real name of the attraction is soon to be announced. Many different locations from all across Europe were considered for filming until 14 destinations were decided upon. The final selection was based on accessibility, safety and variance.

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The art of storytelling - PROJECT V - NEW 2017 A World full of Stories Project V is part of a much larger storyline that is linked with existing and coming attractions at Europa-Park. Clues and “Easter Eggs” (secret objects) will be hidden in the attraction and across other attractions. So keep your eyes open!

RULANTICA - SPECIAL mit Benedikt Weber (Folge1) Bist du eine echte Wasserratte? Dann plant der Europa-Park genau das Richtige für dich: die neue Wasserwelt „Rulantica“. 2 Jahre lang begleitet Benedikt Weber für dich die Entstehung und berichtet hautnah – von der Baustelle bis zur fertigen Welt. Wasser marsch! Folge 1: