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Desde DHL queremos proponerte hacer algo realmente especial. A partir de ahora, cuando te cruces con un transportista o un mensajero solo te pedimos una cosa: salúdales, para que sientan que todo lo que hicieron por nosotros... que todo el sacrificio... Mereció la pena. Subscribe to our channel: Find us on: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: For more information, visit our official website: About this channel: Welcome to the official YouTube channel of DHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry and The Logistics Company for the world. In our videos, we guide you through our work space and show you moments of achievement and innovation with our partners. Hit the subscribe button now, stay up to date, and gain exclusive insights.

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The Evolution of the DHL Parcelcopter

Ever since the DHL Parcelcopter debuted with its maiden flight in 2013, we’ve been working to integrate it into real-life logistics situations. Watch the video to see how the Parcelcopter is delivering medicine to a remote island in northern Germany and consumer packages to a mountain village in Bav