alugha multilingual platform

Grow your global audience
while handling your multilingual content assets with ease

A place for content creators to manage & centralize all their creative assets

Simplify your creative content management with a unified hub for all your multilingual video and article assets.
Have all your videos and articles for your global audience at your fingertips and organize and curate them for your audience in topic-specific watchlists.
You are unique and so is your producer page. Customize and brand it to your liking and showcase your best content to attract your new super fans.
Centralize archive
Upload & manage videos
Subtitle files
Background images & video thumbnails
Create & manage multilingual articles
Customize settings
Channel avatar & background image
Channel description & social channel
Language expertise
Create watchlists
Organize videos per watchlist
Manage or delete
Share & promote

A place to communicate and interact with your audience

Keep your finger on the pulse of an ever-expanding global audience. Directly communicate to your viewers through comments and give them an easy way of staying up to date with your uploads.
Grow and constantly expand your channel with powerful sharing features that reach way beyond the boundaries of the alugha universe and tap into a global thriving community of content creators and video enthusiasts.

Community feedback

Gather valuable insights into how content resonates with your audience with Comments and Likes.

Community growth

Gather a crowd of loyal fans or give the casual watcher a convenient way to get informed about your video uploads by following your channel.

Community diversity

A multi-million-strong worldwide audience from every continent of this globe is waiting for your content.

All while keeping your and your audience data secure

To keep you and your audience data and privacy safe, we adhere to strict security and data protection guidelines.
You are the master of your mind. Keep it that way by directly getting to the content you like on a platform without artificial hurdles such as AI recommendations and content suppression.
  • No advertising
  • No external tracking
  • No data selling
  • No personalization
  • Free to watch
  • Language recognition
  • Securely hosted in Germany
  • GDPR Compliant

The video translation ecosystem

Cover your complete video ecosystem needs with a fully integrated system to host, translate, and distribute your videos to a global audience.
Encoding & Hosting
Lightning fast and reliable German video hosting that's easy on the environment and the wallet.
Increase your reach by translating your videos for more markets. Effortlessly create transcripts, subtitles, and voice-overs in multiple languages by your own or with your team. No additional software required.
The simplest way to deploy multi audio track videos and truly connect with your global audience.
Grow your global audience while handling your multilingual content assets with ease.

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