alugha Dubbr

World premiere - alugha will unveil the dubbr at SXSW 2019 in Austin

"Alugha redefines the dubbing world. The online tool offers everything you need to make your videos accessible to an international audience through multiple language tracks. No studio needed, directly in the cloud and accessible from anywhere at anytime. …"

Studio71 alugha

Mannheim video startup alugha cooperates with Studio71

"As of now, the multilingual online video technology provider is working closely with Studio71. Based in Berlin and Los Angeles, Studio71, a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, is the world’s leading multi-platform-network …"

What is alugha

What is alugha?

"Alugha ist ein deutsches Softwareunternehmen mit Sitz in Mannheim (Deutschland), das sich darauf spezialisiert hat, Onlinevideos in mehrsprachige Formate umzuwandeln. Die alugha Technologie ermöglicht es, alle Sprachen der Welt in einem einzigen Video zu vereinen und auf der eigenen Webseite und auf der multilingualen Videoplattform zu veröffentlichen …"

Bernd Silicon Valley

What can german startups learn from Silicon Valley?

"Worldwide, many highly motivated founders fail to convince banks and investors of their idea. How do I present my product? What is important to convince investors? How does my company achieve a global presence? Do I rely on the right strategy and does the concept fit? These are the questions founders from all over the world are asking themselves …"

Bernd Silicon Valley

Mannheimer Alugha GmbH schafft Aufnahme in globales Blackbox-Netzwerk

"As part of the two-week immersion program "Blackbox Connect", Bernd Korz, CEO of Alugha GmbH, gets up close and personal with Silicon Valley. The Mannheim startup had to go through a tough selection process that seven other German companies have passed so far …"
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Mannheimer Alugha GmbH belongs to the selected Providers

"The Mannheim-based Alugha GmbH is one of 455 companies that belongs to the selected group of providers worldwide. Alugha was accepted as selected provider this week at …"

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