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Make the most out of your App!

Your App isn’t really successful? Of course, a good placement in the App store, a detailed description of the functions and the use as well as good pictures are really important in order to increase the distribution of the App even further. Picky users are not convinced that easily. There is more needed to get them to buy or download the App. Crucial for gaining the user’s interest are mainly detailed and positive appraisals which give an overview about the do’s and dont’s of the App. Often features and functions are insufficiently explained. And also the small images which are meant to show clearly what it’s all about are not really helpful. Bored endconsumers are the result. Your App is only one of a number of grey mice in the App-jungle.

To prevent exactly this from happening, it's worth producing a video that accompanies your App. This offers the perfect possibility to present the advantages of the App. Functions and features can be introduced in detail. The user gets a detailed introduction of the product and the argumentation why he should buy it. You have a so-called virtual sales conversation and a product test is suggested. With this little video you manage to build a personal relationship to the consumer and you can convince him of the product at the same time. Be sure, that the developed confidence will be rewarded with downloads.

If you additionally want to increase the App sales, you can also upload the video on various platforms and spread it around. If this also happens in different languages (synchronised with alugha), the video and also the App will get an enormous reach. Looking at your brand this means it will be remembered much better. Your consumers will always connect what they saw with it. So, who was talking about an App-jungle? We only see your video!

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