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Publishing on YouTube Sure, spreading videos on YouTube and other platforms has a lot of advantages. By joining forces with Google, YouTube became the most successful and free video provider.  Is the video provided with the correct keywords (means: names tags, descriptions), you can assume that your video is found by the corresponding target group.  In addition, the streaming is relatively stable.  The videos can be consumed very quickly , regardless from which server. The platform allows clicks on your canal and on your video and you can put down an url to your own website in the description. That means that your visitors will visit YouTube’s platform first and then they will get to your own platform - your website also counts traffic. As explained before: Youtube videos can be embedded and shared everywhere. The question is: do you want that? If you just want to generate traffic on your own website this not very benificial. self-hosted video If you  want to avoid all these disadvantages and want to dothe marketing stuff by yourself, you  should host the videos  on your  own website. You just need a player, a pop-up system and good server capacities. If all these requirements are met,  the advantages are  obvious:  

  However, you should get the support of a good hosting  service. If you have increased  traffic on your website, videos might not play or don’t buffer anymore. So, if you want to draw the main attention to your own website and not on other platforms, you should consider self-hosting.

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