A self-portrait

It's time for alugha to introduce its staff more regularly again. Today it's about the face behind the blog. We all know what Lisa Marie looks like. But in the self-portrait you can learn much more about the person.

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A self-portrait

Hello everyone,

My name is Lisa Marie and I am the face behind the blog. Today I dare to do a self-portrait. I was born in the 1990s and actually grew up not so far away from Mannheim. Four passions ran through my life: Dresses, music (I actually wanted to be a singer), theatre and languages. After my A-levels at a German-French grammar school in Freiburg and a failed attempt to study acting or singing, I finally decided to study linguistics at a university on a large lake in southern Germany.

The Bachelor's degree there scheduled in a quite general way. Among other things, there was a rather large module called "Language Practice" in this programme. Within this module, language courses had to be taken. Which ones were more or less irrelevant. The University of Konstanz is quite small. Ergo, the choice is smaller than at other universities. Nevertheless, I learned Basque, among other languages. I had already heard about the Basque language before I started studying, but I didn't really know what to expect. In the end, I decided to write my Bachelor's thesis on a topic related to Basque. I also had the chance to travel to Bayonne on a DAAD scholarship and conduct a small field study there. Basque can only be studied at very few universities in Germany and since I wanted to continue it and got on so well with the supervising professor, I decided to do my Master's in this beautiful but wickedly expensive city by the lake as well.The university actually offers various linguistics Master's programmes.

The last of my kind

One of these Master's programmes was called "Linguistics with a Romance focus", which I could ultimately identify with the most. Basque is covered by Romance Studies in Konstanz, because it is spoken in Romance-speaking territory. Basque is not a Romance language, of course. I also don't necessarily see myself as a "classical" Romance Studies student, but more on that in a moment. So I enrolled in that Master's programme. Since the university later restructured the Master's programmes somewhat, this programme was discontinued in the form in which I was still studying it. In the end, I was the last person still enrolled in this Master's programme. After I finished my studies, I took a short memorial for this programme. During my Master's studies, I was also a student assistant and did parallel text research and also worked as a teacher of French and German as a foreign language at a language school.

Ladino kerido

I have always been interested in Jewish and Semitic languages. So during my Master's degree, I decided to focus less on Basque and more on Judeo-Spanish. It was simply an intuition. I really wanted to do that. I really wanted to be a small cog that contributes a small part to the preservation of this fascinating language and culture.

How I became the face behind the alugha-Blog

How I became the face behind the blog

Private circumstances led my family and me to the area where alugha is. I will not reveal my exact place of residence. With my Master's degree in my pocket, it was finally time for me to look for work. I still didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but I could imagine working as a copywriter or as a PR consultant. The start-up industry also appealed to me because of its dynamism. Quite naively, I ended up googling "Startup Mannheim" and finally came across alugha. Videos and multilingualism. That suited me. Definitely a nice product. So I followed the company on LinkedIn and wanted to start applying. The latter wasn't necessary at all, as Bernd beat me to it and wrote to me, for which I am infinitely grateful.

And voilà: Here I am, the copywriter at alugha.

What I find particularly exciting about alugha:

  • Multilingualism is clearly the top feature here. I also find it so incredibly nice that "smaller" languages are also supported by the system. This way they can be documented an maybe preserved. And this is definitely one of my heart's projects.

  • The speech-to-text transcription, which makes the whole thing a bit more inclusive.

  • The combination of human and artificial intelligence.

  • The sustainability. We only have this one planet and it's important that companies also think about how they can make their service more sustainable.Video streaming in itself is not sustainable, but you can do something to at least use less CO2.

  • The issue of data protection. Admittedly, I don't know that much about it. Nevertheless, I am not indifferent to the issue. I believe that many individuals feel the same way, and therefore it should be the task of the site operators to ensure data protection.

What else there is to say about me:

  • Working Mum

  • sometimes a little bit out of it

  • I'm a classic overthinker who likes to get lost in research here and there.

  • I still love to sing. So, if you want to book me as a wedding singer, go ahead.

  • I am particularly interested in niches and interfaces: Interfaces between language and culture, interfaces between language and music, ...

  • I am quite critical of the school system. Alucation has the potential to polish up the dusty system a bit.

  • Writing a self-portrait is fun but I feel a bit narcissistic
  •  I like pomegranates 
  • To communicate with me, you can contact me in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Basque and Hebrew.

I am looking forward to a multilingual, creative, inspiring and educational time at alugha.





Photo: Martin Fleck

Danke, ganz tolles Eigeninterview!

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